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FDA Gives A Nod To New Drug To Treat Low Libido In Women

The FDA approved a new drug that can restore sexual desire levels in women having low libido. Named bremelanotide, it is publically branded as Vyleesi and is manufactured by AMAG pharma. It can treat premenopausal women with hypoactive levels of sexual desire. Reimbursement info or pricing details have not yet been ironed out, stated Sarah Connors of AMAG.

Sheryl Kingsberg of UHCMC stated that many women had no clue about this condition. She stated that a woman’s own self-esteem was important for her self-confidence, body image, and healthy relationship maintenance. Over 8%-10% is thought of to have this disorder. FDA approval means that these women can be helped further. She stated that biological issues, that couldn’t be rooted out via alternative strategies, can be removed completely now.

Flibanserin had also been sold in the past for similar purposes. However, since it had adverse reactions to alcohol, it had to be withdrawn. However, Vyleesi will not have any such restriction. Bremelanotide can be taken as per one’s requirements, unlike Addyi which has to be taken daily. It works on brain receptors. It is already being called the next female Viagra. Dr. Cirino of MSTC stated that female dysfunction issues were far more complex, leading to increased difficulty over solving them.

Vyleesi will be used in conjunction with Addy and psychotherapy. Other possible causes must first b excluded before prescribing these pills. Addyi’s approval had been controversial, as it was feared that it could easily be abused. However, that is no longer an issue.

Current Vyleesi side effects include flushing, nausea, and headache. Women with nausea used the drug often, showing more pros than cons. Cirino stated that this drug could prove to be extremely useful for the small minority of women that it caters to. Since there were multiple factors at play here that influence libido, Cirino stated that using chemical treatments could solve the problem.

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