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Admin Preparing Revised Budget For 2024 Moon Mission

NASA has said that the proposal to send humans to the moon before2024 is still 1-2 weeks away.

When asked a cost estimate for the moon landing plans by Congress, NASA’s Jim Bridenstine testified that the estimates would be available before April 15.

However, it is yet to arrive. When asked about it, Bill Gerstenmaier from NASA said it was still discussing with White House officials to come up with detailed estimates. He estimated it would be ready in another 1-2 weeks.

Mark Sirangelo of NASA also concurred with their testimonies. All of them have not provided specific numbers as they’re still undergoing review and under discussion between NASA and OMB. However, they were open and positive.

Horn said that the absence of proper plans and right strategy to run the country’s space mission was frustrating. The 2024 directive has forced NASA to come up with a new budget modification that hasn’t yet been received by Congress.

Rep Johnson was concerned of the additional costs to NASA and other agencies as they would take cuts to fund this new mission.

She said that she hoped NASA would present a compelling argument for additional funds.

Republican members were more patient though. They considered ordering the hearing in the absence of receipt of additional details to be somewhat premature.

However, even they said they wouldn’t take kindly to any creative bookkeeping measures to fun the mission. If it didn’t happen now, they weren’t sure if it would ever happen. They emphasized that adequate funding would be needed for upcoming and future budget proposals by the OMB.

Inadequate funding might also be a risk, since NASA would be forced to find cost cutting measures to achieve its goals. That was recognized as a problem by Patricia Sanders.

Gerstenmaier sounded optimistic about NASA’s capability to get people to the moon before 2024. All technical modules or elements for the mission would be under study or contract within two months, he said.

He stated that funding and political approval was the biggest challenges currently that were impeding the mission’s pace.

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