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India Shoots Satellite In Space Effectively, Modi Acclaims Major Advance

Reportedly, India has shot down a satellite in the space through an anti-satellite missile, Narendra Modi—Prime Minister of India—stated greeting the test as a foremost advancement in its space program. During a television address, Modi made the announcement to the nation. He stated India will only be the fourth country to employ such an anti-satellite weapon following the U.S., China, and Russia. Such abilities have elevated apprehensions of the weaponization of space and embarking a race amid rival powers. “Little while ago, our specialists, shot down an active satellite 300 Kilometers away in the lower orbit of the earth,” Modi asserted, calling it a significant feat.

He further added, “India has done a record-breaking achievement. India logged its name as a space power.” India had a space program for years, making the launch capabilities and earth imaging satellites as an economical alternative to Western programs. Brahma Chellaney—Security Expert at New Delhi’s CPR (Centre of Policy Research)—said the U.S., China, and Russia were trailing anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons. Chellaney added, “Space is becoming a battlefront, making comeback-space capabilities imperative. In this regard, India’s winning “kill” with an ASAT weapon system is significant.”

Speaking of the space race, recently, Mike Pence—Vice President of the U.S.—stated that the U.S is in a new space race along with Russia and China. Reportedly, once again the U.S. is racing to the moon. The nation targets to place boots on the lunar exterior by the end of 2024, which is 4 Years earlier than previously intended, Pence declared in recent time. The scheduling move was prompted at least partly by a goal to defeat two other space rivals, Russia and China. At the fifth summit of the NSC (National Space Council) at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Alabama, Pence added, “Make no mistake regarding it, we are in a space competition today, as we were earlier in the 1960s, and this time stakes are even higher.”

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