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Ultra-Sharp Pictures Make Old Stars Look Completely Spectacular

With the help of the Gemini Observatory’s high-res adaptive optics imaging, astronomers have revealed one of the oldest star groups in our galaxy. The extraordinarily sharp picture looks back into our Universe’s early history and sheds some light on how our galaxy was created. Just as high-res imaging is changing our home entertainment, it is also enhancing the manner astronomers research the Universe.

“The Gemini Observatory’s ultra-sharp adaptive optics pictures permitted us to verify the ages of some our Galaxy’s oldest stars,” claimed Leandro Kerber of Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz and Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. Kerber spearheaded a huge global research group that posted their results in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

With the help of enhanced adaptive optics tech in Chile at the Gemini South telescope, the scientists zoomed in on a bunch of stars dubbed as HP 1. “Eliminating distortions of our atmosphere to starlight with adaptive optics discloses marvelous details in the target we research,” Kerber claimed to the media in an interview.

On a related note, the media earlier took a glorious arcing arrangement of the crescent moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and the red star Antares over the Big Apple soon prior to sunrise. “It was a great view—no time to rest!” one of the reporters, who snapped the pic from New Jersey, claimed to the media in an interview.

This skywatching view was pretty extraordinary, but do not fret if you did not had a look—the principal arrangement will carry on putting on different shows for a while. For instance, in the predawn hours, Saturn and Venus will hang together very near to the horizon. And a day after that, skywatchers will be treated to the brightest and largest full moon of 2019. The latest “supermoon” will take place just 7 Hours following lunar perigee, the closest approach of moon to Earth.

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