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Trade Talks Are A Greater Risk To Asian Market Than The Fed: Credit Suisse

While the U.S. Fed (Federal Reserve) has grabbed a lot of financiers’ attention in the past week, it is the trade conciliations amid Washington and Beijing that would have a greater effect on stock markets in Asia, Credit Suisse stated lately. The Fed in the last week choose to hold interest rates stable—possibly for the rest of 2019—and lowered its progress forecast for the U.S. financial system. The central bank’s measures were followed by a reverse in the U.S. Treasury yield curve, an early signal of a recession. During the Credit Suisse’s AIC (Asian Investment Conference), Hong Kong, Neil Hosie—Credit Suisse’s Chief of Equities for Asia Pacific—said to CNBC, “I think the effect of the Fed on the markets presently in Asia is going to be considerably less than the discussions that are occurring now in Beijing.”

Negotiators from China and the U.S. are planned to meet in Beijing for their latest round of talks commencing soon. After that, both parties are anticipated to hold a summit in Washington beginning on April 3, 2019. The two biggest economies globally are negotiating a trade agreement after a tariff spat that started in the last year. In this year, Chinese stocks were the best performer in Asia after bruised in 2018. The Shanghai composite climbed by 21.21% so far this year, whereas, the Shenzhen component increased by 30.51%. The improvement was in part owing to shareholder optimism that tensions amid the U.S. and China will not become inferior, said Hosie.

On a similar note, recently, the former ambassador said that the U.S.-China trade talks should end. The U.S. and China have no option but to end ongoing trade conciliations, most expected in the next month or so, Max Baucus—Ex-US Ambassador to China—said in recent time. Baucus told to CNBC, “The discussions would end. They have to. The U.S and China are mutually inseparable economically and need to get this thing done.”

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