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Heart Disease At Higher Risk Of Cognitive Decline Study Reveals

People who are diagnosed with coronary heart-related diseases have higher risks for declining cognitive function down the road, as per the latest study. Published on Monday in JACC, it found patients to have reducing scores at cognitive tests that fell faster, post-diagnosis compared to the pre-diagnosis period.

Dr. Aggarwal stated that this provided credence to the theory that brain and heart work together. She works at RHCW and CCC. Aggarwal also stated that more cognitive decline issues were observed due to longer lifespans. More medications and heart procedures have increased life expectancy.

Previous research has shown slightly different results, like strokes causing a rapid decline in cognitive abilities. However, those with angina diagnosis history had lower memory levels and could forget memories easily. These subjects were stroke-free for about 12 years.

Cardiovascular diseases could affect the human brain in many variations. Blood vessels can be impacted, causing oxygen disruption. High BP, obesity, and diabetes could also cause this. The report shows it to be a steady and gradual process. However, its workings remain unknown. Turku University doctors from Finland conducted this study.

External factors remain unknown. Authors did note that medication and treatment impact for heart disease subjects couldn’t be discounted. Finding the actual cause of this cognitive decline could be difficult since such persons could have many medical conditions as well. Although the variations in these cognitive scores were comparatively small, these were enough to increase dementia chances. Since no cure even existed, they stated that finding new ways of detecting, preventing or intervening early would be their best bet for addressing the issue.

Aggarwal used her own CCC experiences to paint a better picture, where patients were encouraged to share memory concerns, which usually weren’t disclosed. She encouraged patients and doctors to check medications and address sleep and mood issues and discuss lifestyle changes as well.

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