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Trump Anticipates Japan’s Military To Strengthen US Forces In Asia

The U.S. President Donald Trump anticipates that Japan’s military would strengthen the U.S. forces all over Asia and elsewhere, he stated, as the main U.S. ally updates the capability of its forces to function further from its shores. Trump’s remarks followed his examination of Japan’s biggest warship—the Kaga—helicopter carrier planned to transport submarine-hunting helicopters to remote waters. The vessel—which would soon be updated to manage F-35B STOVL (short take-off and vertical landing) jets—sailed to India during a flag-flying mission in the past year, going via the contested South China Sea, much of which is alleged by Beijing.

In a speech on the ship’s hangar deck, Trump asserted, “With this unexpected new equipment the Kaga would assist our nations in fighting against a range of multifaceted threats in the region and beyond that.” The refurbishment of the vessel and its sister ship—the Izumo—is anticipated to strengthen the U.S. forces functioning from Japan by offering a refueling platform for the U.S. Marine F-35Bs. Shinzo Abe—Japan’s Prime Minister—who accompanied President Trump on the stopover to the Kaga, has improved defense investment after taking office in December 2012, extending the pacifist constitution to alleviate limits on flock activities abroad.

On a similar note, lately, Trump concluded Tokyo visit as Japanese trade executive played down August deal chances. Reportedly, President Trump ended his 4-Day visit to Japan in the middle of uncertainty regarding whether a trade agreement amid the two countries can hit within months. Trump had hinted during the trip that there would be trade proclamations between the two parties “possibly in August,” and that the trade breach between the two nations can be “straightened out rapidly.” But Keizai Sangyo Daijin—Japan’s Economy Minister—sought to play down hopes for a fast concord saying that the U.S. leader’s remarks reflected Trump’s expectations for quick progress in conciliations.

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