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Tor Browser Releases Its Extremely-Secure Web Surfing Platform For Android

Incognito mode and VPNs are generally used while surfing to maintain privacy and avoid location tracing. But the disreputable Tor Browser has been pushing the privacy level to new heights. Tor Project announced that it has released its stable version of the web browser for the Android platform. Tor’s recently released web browser will help users to browse on the Tor network without following multiple steps to be connected.

The Tor Browser is derived from Firefox, so all the Firefox’s key conveniences would be available in Tor Browser too, such as tabbed browsing. But the key difference is that Tor does not permit direct connectivity to the websites. Actually, it uses an encrypted servers’ network that transfer requests around several intermediate links, hiding the original identities and IP addresses of users. Apart from privacy, Tor bypasses geographical blocking and avoids tracking by several ad companies.

Tor said that it has not released its browser for the iOS platform as Apple blocks required computing processes and pushes browser companies to use its in-built engine. However, Tor advises iPad and iPhone users to go with the Onion Browser.

On a similar subject, from the past several years, both the leading web browsers—Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome—have been intensely competing to provide the best possible services to the users. Microsoft has been following the approach “if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them” by setting its new Edge browser on Google Chromium.

However, Mozilla appears to be the leading browser once again with the release of the new version. The organization claims that its new version Firefox 67 is up to 80% faster than its versions released a year back, which is one of the several changes introduced in the version.

Mozilla says its latest release provides the option to block websites from exposing the personal data of users and tracking them while surfing on the web.

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