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Poland Challenges New Copyright Law By EU Over Censorship Fears

The contentious copyright law by EU is already encountering some opposition from one of its current members. Poland has given a complaint to the European Court of Justice disputing that the law’s need for filtering material had the ability for censorship. This might breach both EU treaties as well as the Polish constitution, Konrad Szymanski (Deputy Foreign Minister) claimed to the media in an interview.

Poland was one of 6 EU members that voted in opposition to the action, comprising Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Sweden.

Most objections to the filtering of content have revolved around the normal chilling effect it may have on the web, resulting in skittish content creators and conspicuously empty search results. On the other hand, Poland’s worry is more pointed—it is characterizing this as a free speech problem. There is no guarantee that the court will be open to the dispute, but Poland’s decision can minimum draw attention to the likelihood of unintended outcomes.

On a related note, you would think that governments were waging a war in opposition to financial tech considering reports of tighter regulation and crackdowns, but the opposite is factual in Europe. EU executives have verified that they lately raided the offices in multiple countries of bank authorities, comprising Poland and the Netherlands, to probe antitrust “worries” that banks are stifling tech-based newbies. The banking establishment is supposedly avoiding fintech firms from accessing account data in spite of users granting permission, pushing individuals back to conservative services.

The EU emphasizes that the raids add up to a “preliminary action,” and that they are not proof of guilt. With that in mind, there is at least one reason to be wary. In 2016, Germany ruled that bank limitations on user data access were breaching its competition rules, and it stands to factor that it is not the only European nation with that problem.

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