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Parrot Chosen To Create Reconnaissance Aircraft For The US Military

A longtime rival to Chinese drone behemoth DJI, Parrot, is one of 6 firms chosen by the US Department of Defense to develop short-range investigation aircraft for the US military. The agreement, which comprises 5 other firms but not DJI, symbolizes a tactical front between European and the US commercial bodies, such as Parrot, in the face of rising dominance from Chinese firms.

DJI is far and away the biggest and most well-liked drone manufacturer in the world, with Parrot and other smaller firms such as Yuneec and 3D Robotics being eclipsed by DJI for years. (3D Robotics has since departed the drone hardware sector, while short-lived Karma effort by GoPro concluded in failure.) But with rising stress from the US government on Chinese firms in the middle of President Donald Trump’s trade battle, which has so far been most forcefully aimed on Android handset manufacturer Huawei, it seems more European and American options to big-name Chinese firms can be chosen for lucrative government deals.

While the commercial drone industry is anticipated to carry on increasing slowly, the general size of the commercial drone sector pales as compared to the amount of military deals. As per Envision Intelligence (the analyst firm), military drone use cases constitute almost 70% of the industry, with user applications only 17% and non-military applications such as climate modeling and filmmaking in the commercial world only 13%.

On a related note, the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) has disclosed its forecasts for the drones’ future, and the results banged as a surprise, even for the FAA. Non-commercial drone development has greatly surpassed expectations, elevating by 170% in 2018, in spite of executives thinking that it might only develop by 44%. This forced the experts to re-write its forecasts for the complete sector accordingly.

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