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Grindr’s Owner Offered Employees Access To Sensitive Consumer Data

When the US obliged owner of Grindr to sell the application over national safety worries, it made only indistinct references to what may have motivated the decision. Now, on the other hand, the situation is more transparent. The media sources have stated that that Beijing Kunlun activated alarms after it offered Beijing engineers access to database of Grindr for various months. While there was no proof that the firm misused the info, the tipsters think that the CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) was concerned that the Chinese Government can use the database to find data on US military and intelligence people.

CFIUS instructed Beijing Kunlun in September to limit access to the database, as per media sources. The Grindr team obeyed and operationally divided Grindr, but by February its parent firm made a decision to end the Beijing office completely over privacy and policy concerns. The effort was for nothing, although, as CFIUS supposedly instructed Beijing Kunlun in March to trade off Grindr.

On a related note, the president of Grindr earlier claimed that it is trying to walk back contentious comments on same-sex marriage reported by the application’s in-house magazine. “Some users think that marriage is a holy amalgamation between a woman and a man, I think so as well, but that is your own business,” Scott Chen claimed to the media in a post. The post, initially reported by Into magazine of Grindr, had consumers of the LGBTQ+ publications and app such as Out speculating if he showed support for gay rights.

Chen defined the Into article “misleading and unbalanced,” and condemned the publication for not asking for confirming. “The purpose I said marriage is a holy union between a woman and a man is based on my own experience,” he claimed to the media in an interview.

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