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Clyde Space Discloses Deal To Produce And Operate AIS CubeSats For Orbcomm

Clyde Space, an ÅAC Microtec subsidiary, recently disclosed its plans to manufacture and start operating two CubeSats in 2020. Reportedly, these CubeSats will be equipped with AIS (Automatic Identification System) receivers for Orbcomm. According to the reports, the latest deal is finalized for about $5.9 Million.

Under the latest deal, Clyde Space is supposed to install about three committed AIS receivers. It includes a receiver situated on a software-defined radio on all of the CubeSat. According to the ÅAC Microtec news release issued, the firm as well will equip the CubeSats with antennas to amplify the detection of AIS messages. Clyde Space is supposed to deliver AIS data collected by the CubeSats to Orbcomm under a special license. This is supposed to mark a key step in ÅAC Microtec’s plan to enlarge its business by both manufacturing as well as operating spacecraft for users.

On a similar note, NASA came into the news as, for the first time ever, its Mars InSight lander measured and recorded a probable “marsquake.” The slight seismic signal, noticed by the lander’s SEIS (Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure) instrument, was recorded earlier this month, on the 128th Martian day of the lander. This is said to be the foremost recorded trembling that seems to have come from inside the planet, as opposed to being triggered by forces above the surface, for instance, wind. Presently, researchers are analyzing the data to conclude the exact reason for the signal.

Bruce Banerdt, Principal Investigator, InSight, JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), NASA, Pasadena, California, proclaimed that InSight’s initial readings carry on the science that started with NASA’s Apollo missions. He added that until now they have been gathering background noise up. However, this foremost event publicly kicks off a novel field: Martian seismology!

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